How to Build Tourism from Zero_ Ep.01. TSHS-0036

Discussion with Rudi Medved Team Leader of a startup ”LocalsFromZero”, which is an online marketplace for hidden, unshaped tourism experiences. They are helping local providers in Slovenia to become visible and at the same time building more responsible tourism. About  #LocalsFromZero mission is to connect people with unique local artisans, experts, associations, clubs, charities, and more. All … Continue reading How to Build Tourism from Zero_ Ep.01. TSHS-0036 →

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A podcast that inspires hoteliers to create meaningful and memorable experiences for their customers, in pursuit of their passion. I share my views and experiences relating to hospitality, tech trends and also relating to humanity. I am sitting down with world-class speakers, leading industry suppliers, top performing hoteliers, sharing about their inspiration, lessons they learned and how to make an impact.