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  1. Unleashing AI’s Potential: Overcoming Common Pitfalls and Strategies for Success. TSHS-0071

    Publicado: 19/2/2024
  2. The Power of Storytelling & Mental Health Innovation – discussion with Daniel Hettwer. TSHS-0070

    Publicado: 9/2/2024
  3. Unveiling Authenticity with Aradhana Khowala. TSHS-0069

    Publicado: 3/2/2024
  4. Paul Williams: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit In Dubai. TSHS-0068

    Publicado: 30/1/2024
  5. “Bridging the Gap: How Susanna Sjöberg’s Expertise is Redefining Mental Wellness in the Hospitality Sector” TSHS-0067

    Publicado: 23/1/2024
  6. The Art of Shaping Ideas and Brands – discussion with Mike Munt, Creative Director Apogii. TSHS- 0066

    Publicado: 3/1/2024
  7. Branded Residence A Luxury Illusion or Real Value. TSHS-0065

    Publicado: 10/12/2023
  8. The Roller Coaster Ride: What aspiring Entrepreneurs need to prepare for – Chris Nader. TSHS-0064

    Publicado: 1/12/2023
  9. We’ve all heard about how social media has changed the world. But what does that look like for hotels and hospitality? TSHS-0063

    Publicado: 18/11/2023
  10. Kristoff D’Oria di Cirie: Designing for next-generation luxury customers. TSHS -0062

    Publicado: 3/11/2023
  11. Robin Woodhead: From Childhood Travels to Antarctic Trailblazer. TSHS – 0061

    Publicado: 28/10/2023
  12. Pioneering Luxury Camps in Remote Wildernesses with Luca Franco. TSHS-060

    Publicado: 21/10/2023
  13. What Matters for Hotel Brands: Culture vs Strategy. TSHS- 059

    Publicado: 16/10/2023
  14. What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing in Hospitality – Discussion with Sarah Saffari, Founder of InfluencerNexus. TSHS-058

    Publicado: 11/10/2023
  15. What is the AI’s Role in Modern Hospitality – Discussion with Tamina Wuerth, Founder Aivolution. TSHS-057

    Publicado: 30/9/2023
  16. Hotelier Learning Curve: Humility & Curiosity – Discussion with Marc Dardenne. TSHS-056

    Publicado: 20/8/2023
  17. Stand Out in a Crowded Market – Hotel Branding Strategies. TSHS-055

    Publicado: 13/8/2023
  18. Why Interior branding has the incredible ability to connect brands with their guests. TSHS – 054

    Publicado: 28/6/2023
  19. 2 Hospitality Events, 3 Takeaways with 5 Guests. TSHS -053

    Publicado: 4/6/2023
  20. How to achieve a sustainable and profitable future for a hotel.

    Publicado: 11/5/2023

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A podcast that inspires hoteliers to create meaningful and memorable experiences for their customers, in pursuit of their passion.
I share my views and experiences relating to hospitality, tech trends and also relating to humanity.
I am sitting down with world-class speakers, leading industry suppliers, top performing hoteliers, sharing about their inspiration, lessons they learned and how to make an impact.

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