s3/e11 Understanding Discipline & Motivation with Coach Elisabeth

The Running Explained Podcast - Un pódcast de Elisabeth Scott - Jueves

What IS discipline and how do we cultivate it? Do you struggle to stay "motivated" and be consistent? Do you believe that discipline is about sacrifice, denial, and rigidly inflexible scheduling? Coach Elisabeth explores the concepts of discipline, motivation, and willpower in this solo episode! Discipline & willpower are often associated with self-denial, with struggle, with sacrifice, but that's the wrong way to approach behavior change. Self-discipline is the ability to manage your thoughts, emotions, or behavior in the face of temptation in order to achieve a specific goal, and what your GOAL is and WHY you’re doing it feed into your ability to be consistent in working towards that goal. Learn about extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation, process vs outcome goals, and how our available resources impact our ability to be consistent in the long term! -- Elisabeth Scott is the founder and head coach of Running Explained. She is on a mission to help runners of all abilities and experience levels become better, smarter, and faster runners. Find her at www.runningexplained.co, on Instagram at @runningexplained, and every Thursday on new episodes of the top-rated The Running Explained Podcast, available on all major platforms. TRAIN WITH RUNNING EXPLAINED: Training Plan Finder Quiz Group Coaching for Marathon & Half Marathon 1:1 Private Run Coaching ...and more!

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