s3/e10 Learning Racing Lessons with Sara Manderscheid (@elevateyourrunning)

How do we get better at racing? We need to race! Racing is a skill that is developed through experience, and yes, you'll make some mistakes along with the way - that's NORMAL. Coach Sara Manderscheid joins the show to discuss the lessons we can learn from racing, how to learn the RIGHT lessons from your races (good or bad!) and more! What do we mean when we say "racing is a skill"? Racing enough to develop the skill of racing without racing all the time! How do you communicate about racing & race planning with someone who is new or never really raced before? What do we mean when we say "the goal is to finish strong" in a race? What do we mean by "peak fitness" and why can't we race our fastest possible races all the time? Troubleshooting common race errors and what we can learn from them "I was trying to run faster but my legs wouldn't turn over!" "I kept pushing harder and harder but my pace kept slowing down!" "I went out at xx pace... why couldn't I hold it?" "It felt like my whole body just shut down at mile (10/16/22, etc) - what happened? "Why do I need to adjust my race plan when it's hot/humid, etc?" Sara's mission is to deliver customized training plans, motivation, inspiration, and support for committed runners looking to take their training to the next level. She meets the athlete where they are to create the right plan for them. Running gets to fit into life, not the other way around. With over 15 years of running experience and knowledge, Sara's goal is to help each individual become the strongest version of themselves. Showing up for yourself is the first step, Sara is right there with you in the process to discover your potential and breakthrough to new levels - as a human and as an athlete! ❤️ https://elevateyourrunning.com/

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