s3/e09 "Running Isn't Therapy" with Sarah Strong, MSW, LCSW (@the_trail_therapist)

Running is many things; it's therapeutic, it's good for our mental and physical wellbeing, and it's probably part of your mental health management! But running ISN'T therapy or a replacement for therapy. Therapist & coach Sarah Strong, MSW, LCSW (@the_trail_therapist) joins the show to talk about this and the ways that we can make sure that we're using running responsibly for our mental health! Running isn't therapy, but running can be therapeutic; what do we mean by that? What running can & can't do for mental health Ways that running may contribute to or exacerbate underlying mental health conditions The difference between running for exercise & mental health management and training seriously for a big performance goal Access to therapy & healthcare equity Some signs that talking to a therapist might be better than going for a run and more! Known online as The Trail Therapist, Sarah Strong is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and running coach who is passionate about helping runners have a healthy relationship with their sport, their body, and themselves. Whether she’s training for an upcoming ultra, providing hiking based mental health services or chasing after her kids and dog, you can find Sarah on her local Colorado Front Range Trails most any day of the week. Nature, movement, and mindfulness are the foundation of her therapeutic practice.  In addition to her work as a therapist, Sarah also coaches with Microcosm Coaching and Revolution Running and volunteers her time with Bigger Than The Trail. You can find Sarah’s mental performance coaching programs and courses at the-trail-therapist.teachable.com.

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