s3/e08 Runner Q&A with Coach Elisabeth

The Running Explained Podcast - Un pódcast de Elisabeth Scott - Jueves

This week's episode is a RUNNER Q&A! Coach Elisabeth answers questions about warm-ups, "glute activation", how to find your race pace when you're doing mostly easy running, WHY our runs are (often) of different lengths during the week, a first marathon pep talk, and more! 🕶️🦩This episode is sponsored by GOODR SUNGLASSES! Every pair comes with a 1-Year Warranty and 30-day FREE returns. 100% satisfaction guaranteed (plus Goodr is 100% Carbon Neutral company + 1% for the planet 🌎) Get FREE SHIPPING on your next order of sunglasses & support the show using code RUNEXP at www.goodr.com! 🕶️ -- Looking for guidance in your training? Not sure what do to or when do to it? Want SPECIFIC advice for your training or to learn EXACTLY what YOU should do to reach your goals? Check out the MANY training plans available including 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, base-building, and speed base plans for beginner to experienced runners! Book a "Call A Coach" consult! 30- and 60-minute calls available with Coach Elisabeth to get YOUR specific questions & help you chart a path forward! Get more from your marathon or half marathon training with Group Coaching or TrainingPLUS programs! 1:1 Run Coaching spaces are available; learn more at the link in bio!

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