s3/e07 Nutrition for Injury Prevention & Injury Recovery with Steph Hnatiuk, RD (@steph.the.runners.dietitian)

What role does nutrition play in injury prevention & injury recovery? What can you do to reduce your injury risk, and how can you support your injury recovery with nutrition? Registered Dietitian Steph Hnatiuk (@steph.the.runners.dietitian) joins the show to help us understand the relationship between injury and nutrition! The role underfueling plays in increasing injury risk Carb restriction & Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) What your body needs when it's injured (hint: it's not restriction!) Fear of weight gain when injured Ways we can use nutrition to support the recovery process Fasted training/"earning" your food Obsession over "burning calories" when injured Bone health & nutrition Key nutrients to support injury recovery Steph Hnatiuk has been a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach for over 10 years and has helped thousands of people improve their eating habits, get big results, and develop a better relationship with food. She helps runners of all levels achieve their personal best performance using her 3-step strategy: the Fuel Train Recover method. You can find her on Instagram @steph.the.runners.dietitian, or at www.stephaniehnatiuk.com

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