s3/e05 Plyometrics 101 with Dr. Matt Casturo, DPT, CSCS (@themovementsystem)

PLYOMETRICS! What place do they have in an endurance runner's training? Dr. Matt Casturo, DPT, CSCS (@themovementsystem) joins the show to introduce us to plyometrics for endurance runners! What are plyometrics? "Sport-specific" training vs "general fitness training" Muscle fiber types and "explosive" power The Stretch-Shortening Cycle Tendons! WHY an endurance runner might want to include plyo How to SAFELY introduce plyo into your training and more! The Movement System was created by Matt Casturo, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, to improve your understanding of human movement and make the world stronger. Matt received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The Ohio State University in 2021, and his Bachelors in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University in 2017.

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