s3/e04 Micronutrients for Runners with Kirsten Screen, MPH, RD, LD (@screennutrition)

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You've probably heard about "macros", but what about "MICROS"? Micronutrients are a key component of nutrition for both health and performance, and sports dietitian Kirsten Screen (@screennutrition) is here to teach us all about them! What are micronutrients? "Micros" vs 'Macros" Key micronutrients for endurance athletes Electrolytes, iron, Vitamin D, and more How to make sure you're getting ENOUGH micronutrients Common deficits & causes Supplementation: yay or nay? And more! 🕶️🦩This episode is sponsored by GOODR SUNGLASSES! Every pair comes with a 1-Year Warranty and 30-day FREE returns. 100% satisfaction guaranteed (plus Goodr is 100% Carbon Neutral company + 1% for the planet 🌎) Get FREE SHIPPING on your next order of sunglasses & support the show using code RUNEXP at www.goodr.com! 🕶️ Kirsten Screen, MPH, RD, LD is a Registered Dietitian of nearly 20 years. She and her team at Screen Nutrition work with active/athlete adults to support full body function through nutrition. Their focus is on reducing symptoms & increasing performance by supporting gut health and hormonal balance through nutrient resources. Screen Nutrition supports clients in 1:1 and group settings, as well as through self-led resources. Find them on Instagram at @screennutrition or on the web at screennutrition.com

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