s3/e02 Supershoes with Doctors of Running (@doctorsofrunning) Dr. Matt Klein & Dr. Nathan Brown

What's the deal with... supershoes? The Doctors of Running (@doctorsofrunning) Matthew Klein, PT DPT PhD(c) OCS GCS FAAOMPT, and Nathan Brown, PT DPT OCS, are here talk all things CARBON PLATES, fancy foams, performance improvements (maybe...?) and more!! What IS a "supershoe"? History of this new generation of footwear Getting nerdy about foams What does the "plate" actually do? Supershoe geometry What does the science say about what these shoes DO? If, how, and when to wear a plated shoe Do stability plated shoes exist? Is this CHEATING?  Doctors of Running (formerly Kleinruns DPT) was founded by Dr. Matt Klein as a way for him to share his thoughts and learn more about footwear, biomechanics, physical therapy, rehabilitation, running, and performance.  It continues to evolve to this day to meet the needs of those who contribute, those who read/visit and those looking for assistance.  https://www.doctorsofrunning.com https://www.facebook.com/doctorsofrunning https://www.instagram.com/doctorsofrunning https://www.youtube.com/@doctorsofrunning https://twitter.com/DoctorsRunning

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