s3/03 "Mental Strength" & Performance Mindset with Shannon Mulcahy, MS (@mulcahyperformance)

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How much of performance is mental vs physical? Is that something you can even quantify? Probably not, but the two are clearly inextricably linked. Mental Performance Coach Shannon Mulcahy (@mulcahyperformance) joins the show this week to talk about the role your MIND plays in your performance! What do we mean when we talk about the mental side of performance? The toxic side of telling someone anything is possible if they want it enough "Mental strength" vs "mental toughness" Setting goals & including mental performance skills Self-talk & skill-building Performance anxiety and more! Shannon Mulcahy is the founder of Mulcahy Performance Consulting - a sport psychology practice helping athletes to train their minds like they train their bodies. Based in Columbia, Maryland, Shannon holds a Master’s in Sport and Exercise Psychology and has worked with hundreds of athletes and coaches worldwide in her 8+ years of industry experience. When she’s not working with athletes, she can be found on a trail or in a lake training for her races. Connect with Shannon on Instagram @mulcahyperformance or explore the current services and resources at mulcahyperformance.com

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