s2/e43 BORN TO RUN 2 with Chris McDougall and Eric Orton

THE SEQUEL IS HERE! 13 years ago, "Born to Run" was released and captivated the running (and non-running) world. Now author Chris McDougall has partnered with coach Eric Orton to write BORN TO RUN 2: The Ultimate Training Guide, the follow-up, fully illustrated companion. Chris and Eric join the show today to talk about some of the stories and anecdotes in the book, finding the joy in running, and why community is one of the most important things for all runners How to refocus on finding the enjoyment in running, even when you're chasing goals The Roman Legions & "all day pace" "100 Ups" and the story of a pharmacist who became a running star by running in place at his job Good running form - what do we mean? The importance of finding "your running people" AVAILABLE NOW: BORN TO RUN 2: The Ultimate Training Guide  🕶️🦩This episode is sponsored by GOODR SUNGLASSES! Get FREE SHIPPING on your next order of sunglasses & support the show using code RUNEXP at www.goodr.com! 🕶️ CHRISTOPHER McDOUGALL covered wars in Rwanda and Angola as a foreign correspondent for the Associated Press before writing his best-selling book Born to Run. His fascination with the limits of human potential led to his next works, Running with Sherman and Natural Born Heroes, and his Outside magazine web series, “Art of the Hero.” He lives in Hawaii with his family. ERIC ORTON’s experiences with the Tarahumara and his study of running, human performance, strength, and conditioning have led him to the cutting edge of the sport and made him a go-to for athletes everywhere. The author of The Cool Impossible and former fitness director for the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Orton personally trains athletes from recreational racers to elite ultramarathoners. He lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  

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