s2/e41 The Relationship We Have With Running with Tina Muir (@tinamuir88)

The only constant is change, and while running may seem like your rock in the ever-flowing river of life, your relationship with running WILL change over the course of not only your life, but the seasons of life you find yourself in. Tina Muir, Founder of Running for Real, mom, podcaster, and former professional runner and international runner for Great Britain & Ireland joins the show to talk about the many ways we can form a relationship with running, and what we should be striving for at the end of the day Tina’s experience an a professional runner and what her relationship was like with the sport when it was her job The strange challenges and pressures professional runners face when running is how your job Not every season of life is going to be the season where you’re training hard and setting PRs Running as a mom & not getting caught in the comparison trap “You can’t quantify your way to a guaranteed outcome” Branching out and finding joy in ALL the things, not just chasing times This episode is sponsored by InsideTracker! For a limited time, get 20% off the entire InsideTracker store; visit insidetracker.com/runningexplained today! Created by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometrics, InsideTracker analyzes your blood, DNA, and fitness tracking data to identify where you’re optimized—and where you’re not. You’ll get a daily Action Plan with personalized guidance on the right exercise, nutrition, and supplementation for your body. Add InnerAge 2.0 to any plan to calculate your true biological age, and see how you’re aging from the inside out! Tina is the founder and CEO of Running For Real. Tina is a mother of two and former international runner for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Tina hosts the Running For Real Podcast, which has amassed over 6 million downloads. The Running For Real Podcast is a collective of conversations about running, the climate emergency, and social justice. Tina also hosts a second, NPR style podcast with Knox Robinson called Running Realized, noted as "The 'Invisibilia' of running" by Women's Running. Tina has worked with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, People Magazine, Outside, SELF, and Women’s Health.

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