Fasting Cancer, with Valter Longo

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“The role of fasting and a fasting-mimicking diet in the prevention and treatment of cancer is no longer a taboo subject.” On the contrary, it seems that both strategies have a positive impact in the performance of many types of antitumor therapies, unlike the vast majority of drugs that, by definition, are specific and in principle only work on a special type of tumor and in a certain stage. Valter Longo is a biochemist who has been researching about aging and longevity for 30 years, and about tumors for fifteen years. He is Director and Professor at the Longevity Institute in the School of Geronotology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He has published in the most important scientific journals, such as Nature, Science and Cell, and in 2018 Time magazine included him in the list of the fifty most influential people in the world in the field of health.He has just published his new book, Fasting Cancer.More content on and instagram @janafr @bienestarydescanso Hosted on Acast. See for more information.