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  1. Annoying Carjacking, Not A Dixie Cup, Nebraska Isn't Real, Self Service Waffle House

    Publicado: 10/6/2024
  2. Horton Heads Revolt, Summer Water Fun, Too Authentic, Night Club Gym

    Publicado: 3/6/2024
  3. Fight For Your Sushi, A Strange Challenge, Drive You Crazy, Blow It Out Your...

    Publicado: 27/5/2024
  4. Not Afraid To Be Fired, The Adventures Of "D**k Girl", Indecent Proposal Park, Like A Bear In The Woods

    Publicado: 20/5/2024
  5. Dead Wife Replacement, Crime Scene Apartments, Disinterested Dancers, Old Stuff Museum

    Publicado: 13/5/2024
  6. Jackie Chan Goes To White Castle, Love Psychic, Pawning Your Dignity, Five Fluid Ounces Of Fun

    Publicado: 6/5/2024
  7. Cologne Condoms, Boring Ruins, Biker Bar Blues, Courtroom Poop Anger

    Publicado: 29/4/2024
  8. Homeless Gambling, Fist Of Fury, No Pizza Buffet, Unfinished Ancient Ruin

    Publicado: 22/4/2024
  9. Driving Over Your Grave, Poop Cruise, Parenting Advice, Crazy Tongue

    Publicado: 15/4/2024
  10. Gangster Chicken, Deep Throat Spray, Sleepy Library, Six Flags Crying

    Publicado: 8/4/2024
  11. Brawling Burger King, Retirement Prison Camp, Broken Sex Toys, Non-Amusement Park

    Publicado: 1/4/2024
  12. Dirty Mickey/Bad Buzz, Humanoids In The Woods, Dismembered Sex Torso, Dystopian Walmart

    Publicado: 25/3/2024
  13. Starbucks Sadness, The Chubby Hunter, All Aboard The Poop Bus, Walmart Not So Supercenter

    Publicado: 18/3/2024
  14. Trailer Park Dumpster Dining, Toothy Toy, Diseased Denny's, Mile Low Club

    Publicado: 11/3/2024
  15. No Fat Corpses, Personal Horse Genitalia, After School Prison Yard, Camel Knuckle Buffet

    Publicado: 4/3/2024
  16. Magic Court Spells, Edible Unwearable Underwear, DomiNO's Ghost Pizza

    Publicado: 26/2/2024
  17. Rearranging Your Insides, Bowling Brawlers, Beggars, Garbage & Camels

    Publicado: 19/2/2024
  18. Bargaining For A Lady, Swinging On The Door, Moldy Romance

    Publicado: 12/2/2024
  19. One Ply Vibes, Family Violence Fun, Scary Sex Toy

    Publicado: 5/2/2024
  20. Club Horny & Angry, Flying Poop Tube, Extra Stretchy, Rat Motel

    Publicado: 29/1/2024

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Two comedians, James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman, explore the most opinionated part of the internet… the reviews section! Each week, we find the comedy and absurdity in reviews of anything and everything. No matter what -- these reviews will be passionate, and probably pretty stupid!

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