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  1. The Sicilian Inheritance Ep 1: LORENZA

    Publicado: 17/5/2024
  2. Bonus: Inside a Mother's Open Marriage

    Publicado: 14/2/2024
  3. Introducing: Wilder

    Publicado: 8/6/2023
  4. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

    Publicado: 4/4/2023
  5. Affairs in the Digital Age

    Publicado: 28/3/2023
  6. Opening Up

    Publicado: 21/3/2023
  7. Are Affairs the New Self-Care?

    Publicado: 14/3/2023
  8. Thank You for Being a Friend

    Publicado: 7/3/2023
  9. Can One Partner Give You Everything?

    Publicado: 28/2/2023
  10. The Walk of Shame

    Publicado: 21/2/2023
  11. Is Everyone Having an Affair These Days?

    Publicado: 14/2/2023
  12. Introducing: She Wants More

    Publicado: 7/2/2023

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Are more women having affairs? Or are they finally just talking about it? Throughout history, women have been stigmatized, ostracized, and so much worse for committing adultery—while men have too often been given a pass. But the truth is that women have the same wants, needs and desires as men despite cultural assumptions. Hosted by journalist Jo Piazza, this groundbreaking podcast seriesfeatures real women of different ages and backgrounds telling the stories of their affairs, many for the first time. After five years of reporting on marriage in the wildly popular Committed podcast, Jo is now uncovering the other side of monogamy and finding some surprising answers about the motivations behind female infidelity – from sex, to empowerment, to self-esteem, and even love. In She Wants More, Jo explores the double standard of cheating, unpacking the guilt, shame, and the expectations placed on women. She has candid conversations with women about the affairs that have either strengthened or broken their marriages that will make you feel like you're eavesdropping on an intimate conversation between two friends. These stories will make you question everything you thought you knew about desire, monogamy, and marriage. She Wants More was inspired by the book A Passion for More by Susan Shapiro Barash.

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