IFS Talks

Un pódcast de Aníbal Henriques, Tisha Shull & Alexia Rothman


90 Episodo

  1. Trauma and Dissociation Informed IFS with Joanne Twombly

    Publicado: 11/2/2024
  2. IFS-informed OCD treatment with Melissa Mose

    Publicado: 14/12/2023
  3. Exiles and the Healing process with Einat Bronstein

    Publicado: 29/10/2023
  4. Finding Your Own Way as an IFS Therapist with Paul Neustadt

    Publicado: 15/8/2023
  5. Martha Sweezy's Internal Family Systems Therapy for Shame and Guilt

    Publicado: 28/7/2023
  6. Introducing IFS Masters

    Publicado: 29/6/2023
  7. The Further Reaches of IFS and Beyond with Bob Falconer

    Publicado: 7/5/2023
  8. No Bad Parts: Individual and Collective Healing with Dick Schwartz

    Publicado: 7/4/2023
  9. The Power of Utilizing IFS in a Group Format - with Chris Burris

    Publicado: 9/1/2023
  10. Multiplicity in Psychotherapy and Beyond, with Robert Falconer

    Publicado: 28/12/2022
  11. Bridging Community and Psychotherapy work on Addiction-Cece Sykes

    Publicado: 2/10/2022
  12. The Essence of Healing with Art Mones

    Publicado: 26/9/2022
  13. Intercultural Competence and IFS: A Conversation with Fatimah Finney

    Publicado: 4/9/2022
  14. The Gifts of our Protectors and Direct Access with Paul Neustadt

    Publicado: 23/8/2022
  15. Unlocking the Light of Sexual Intimacy with Nancy Wonder and IFIO

    Publicado: 6/7/2022
  16. BIPOC Leadership, Healing and IFS with Crystal Jones

    Publicado: 11/6/2022
  17. Getting Past You and Me with Terry’s new book: Us

    Publicado: 4/6/2022
  18. Befriending Self-like Parts with Mariel Pastor

    Publicado: 14/5/2022
  19. Emotional Regulation and Dysregulation through IFS Lens

    Publicado: 20/4/2022
  20. Spirituality and Psychotherapy with Russell Siler Jones

    Publicado: 1/4/2022

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IFS Talks is an audio series to deepen connections with the Internal Family Systems Model through conversations with lead trainers, authors, practitioners and users. In these audio interviews, we will have the opportunity to draw out aspects of IFS Lead Trainers and skilled presenters to create a user-friendly format for listeners to get to know each trainer or practitioner, their background, in and before IFS. With candid, self-led dialogue, trainers and practitioners can share their specific interests with listeners interested in deepening their inner knowledge and IFS practice. Cece Sykes, Susan McConnell, Mary Kruger, Pam Krause, Lisa Spiegel, Martha Sweezy, Art Mones, Ann Sinko, Paul Neustadt, Frank Anderson, Larry Rosenberg, Toni Herbine-Blank, and many more among the interviewees. Among the topics in theTalks: - All Erotic Parts are Welcome, with Larry Rosenberg - IFS, Trauma and Neuroscience, with Frank Anderson - From Reactive to Self Led Parenting, with Paul Neustadt - IFS as a Metamodel of Therapy, with Art Mones - The Role of Legacy Burdens on Anxiety, Depression and Shame, with Ann Sinko - Shame and Guilt as central for IFS work, with Martha Sweezy - Bringing IFS to Children and Parents, with Lisa Spiegel - IFS with Children and Adolescents, with Pam Krause - IFS on Addictions and Eating Disorders, with Mary Kruger - Embodying the Internal Family, with Susan McConnell - Bringing IFS to Extreme Parts, with Cece Sykes