Twin Peaks The Return: A Season Three Podcast

Twin Peaks The Return: Part 17, with Thomas Caldwell

Echos de Twin Peaks The Return: A Season Three Podcast | Publicado 9/5/2017

Our discussion of Parts 17 and 18 have been divided into two episodes. Part 18 will be out on Thursday AEST (Wednesday in the US and UK) with an interview with Twin Peaks The Return producer Sabrina Sutherland. Joining us to discuss the extremely bold turns the show is taking in its final hours is film reviewer, actual David Lynch scholar and film festival programmer Thomas Caldwell. Who'll cry during the podcast? Who'll reference Lacan? Who'll request essays about Asian bodies being used as literal shells for caucasity? Who'll do a shockingly bad East London accent? All this and analysis that's been described as "brilliant" spoken by people who have "nice accents". Music by @theblackhundred Sounds by @thembisoddell Chat at TPSeason3

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