Company of Heroes 3: David Milne (1942-4)

In this episode we talk to the game designer David Milne about his historical work on the hugely popular real time strategy game Company of Heroes 3. Milne takes us back to the Mediterranean theatre of World War II, from Tobruk in North Africa to Anzio in Italy, as we learn how games developers faithfully evoke the past. Company of Heroes 3 is the latest instalment in the multi-million selling Company of Heroes franchise. Developed by Relic Entertainment in Vancouver, the game has been enthusiastically critically received. Gaming Trend called it ‘a masterpiece’. The reviewer for the NME described it as ‘fiercely intelligent.’ To accompany the title’s launch SEGA have developed a supporting content hub  called The Briefing Room. Filled with interactive maps, biographies of significant military figures and featuring analysis by leading academic authorities, it shows how faithfully SEGA have confronted the history that informs the game. Click here to explore The Briefing Room. David Milne is a senior game designer at Relic Entertainment. For more, as ever, visit our website: Show notes Scene One: June 1942, Second Battle of Tobruk Scene Two: December 1943, Battle of Ortona Scene Three: March 1944, Anzio Beachhead Memento: As many soldiers’ memoirs as he can carry People/Social Presenter: Peter Moore Guest: David Milne Production: Maria Nolan Podcast partner: SEGA Theme music: Anvil Main Theme, Company of Heroes Follow us on Twitter: @tttpodcast_ See where 1942 fits on our Timeline

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