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Hour 3 - Former Mayor fights back

Echos de The Jason Rantz Show | Publicado 10/14/2021

The Monologue: Amazon updates its back to work plans which is big news for SLU businesses. The Interview: David Malkin’s son goes to BF Day elementary -- the school just canceled Halloween. The Monologue: Let’s go Brandon is sweeping the nation. The Interview: Federal Way Council Candidate Daniel Miller on how he’s fighting to keep Seattle’s influence from invading the city. \\ LongForm: Former Bothell Mayor Mark Lamb on the bipartisan group of former mayors pushing against defund-police candidates who could take over the Bothell City Council. \\ The Quick Hit: Social security checks go up due to inflation. The Last Rantz: Amplify the right stories See for privacy information.

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Jason Rantz is Seattle’s fresh, contemporary conservative voice. Young and urban, passionate and bold, Rantz is outnumbered by the Progressive chorus, yet refuses to ignore the conservative principles at the core of America’s greatness. Prolific on-air and online, Rantz knows he’s outnumbered in Seattle, but he’s never shy to be outspoken about it.