Tony Hawk: The Man With The $1.4 Billion Name! Burnout, Obsession & Regrets

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If you think about skateboarding, there is one name that will pop up in your mind: Tony Hawk. It’s the same name that fronts a billion dollar video game franchise. He has been called the Michael Jordan of skateboarding, and at the height of his career he was so dominant in competition that the real fight was for second place. But before skateboarding became the Olympic sport it is today and Tony the living legend that he is, he was an outsider in a sport for outsiders. Driven by his love of skateboarding and to prove his haters wrong, he created an entirely new path for the sport and brought it into the public light and popularity it has today. In this conversation Tony discusses his life’s dedication to skateboarding, the highs and lows that this commitment brings and how the sport has given back to him by teaching him lessons that he has used in both life and business. Tony Hawk: Instagram: Website: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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