Simon Sinek: Opens Up About His Struggle with Loneliness, Love, Dating!

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What is the greatest way that you can spend your time on earth? Or in other words, what is your ‘why’? For too many of us we answer that question by saying all the things that we hope we will gain and achieve, rather than the ways that we help others and make their life better. As Simon Sinek says there are entire sections of book shops dedicated to self-help but none dedicated to helping others, and we aren’t taught in school how to listen or the value of being a good friend. In fact it seems one of the radical acts you can do in the modern world is to live a life of service. In this conversation with Simon at his most vulnerable he discusses everything from love and relationships, quarter life crises and why you should never cry alone. As with every discussion with Simon, this will have you rethinking everything you previously thought you knew. Simon: Website: Twitter: Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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