The Conversation: About The Men

Trust (w/Matthew McConaughey)

Echos de The Conversation: About The Men | Publicado 9/19/2022

'The Conversation About the Men' was created to provide an opportunity to show another side of men that we may not always get the chance to see…and this has never been on display more than when Amanda sits down with Matthew McConaughey.  Matthew talks about growing up in a household of domestic violence, being victimized at a young age and how he refuses to allow his emotional baggage to drag him down. It's apparent that his inspirational attitude serves as self-motivation as he explains how his own childhood has paved the way he and his wife raise their children and how he continues to come from a place of trust with everyone he meets. To talk about this and every episode please head to:  community.amandadecadenet.comSee for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

Amanda de Cadenet is inviting men onto her award winning interview series, The Conversation. After a celebrated career interviewing some of the most high-profile women in the world, Amanda is turning her attention to men.  “Men have undeniably had a massive cultural reckoning over the last few years, the existing concepts of masculinity have been shattered and need to be rebuilt. Men’s voices are crucial in the restructuring of modern masculinity. My hope is that I can create a space for men to speak honestly and openly in a collaborative way. Consent, parenting, race, hook up culture, porn and toxic masculinity are just some of the subjects we get into in an uncensored and authentic way.” The Conversation: About the Men features Matthew McConaughey, Zachary Levi, Charlamagne tha God, Nick Viall, Kal Penn, Dr. Terry Real and is an iHeartRadio production.