What a Non-Addict Learned from People in Recovery

Stories of Recovery | Alcoholism, Addiction & 12 Step Spirituality - Un pódcast de MARR Addiction Treatment Centers

When you are entrusting yourself or your loved ones into the care of a counseling staff, you want to know what those counselors are like, what they care about, and how they treat the clients. On this episode, you will get some answers to those questions and a sense of the caring and compassionate approach adopted by MARR’s professional clinical staff.  The Men’s Recovery Center Director Will Atkins describes the powerful experience of working with people in early recovery and the team-based approach that they take to giving their clients the best possible care. As a person who has never had a substance use disorder himself, Will explains what he has learned over the years from people engaging in Twelve Step Recovery and how he can’t imagine doing anything else. 0:01 Intro 2:18 How Will got into addiction counseling 4:15 The powerful vulnerability of people in recovery 7:40 How Will began practicing the same vulnerability they were asking the clients to participate in 8:52 What Will has learned from people in early recovery 11:45 How the vulnerability he learned as MARR has affected his life outside of work 14:50 The types of changes Will has seen in people’s lives working at MARR 18:35 Stepping into the role of Men’s Recovery Center Director 25:23 How the clinical staff practices the same principles they ask the clients to practices 28:41 Providing treatment during COVID-19 31:20 One thing Will would pass on to people who are listening 35:47 Closing

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