The Women’s Recovery Center Gave Me a Life with My Children

How does someone go from an ordinary, middle-class upbringing to having her door kicked in by the SWAT team? And then, how does that same person then go from facing serious jail time to being in recovery for 12 years and being the happily married mother of three daughters? Tricia lays out all the ups and downs of her path into addiction and her journey into recovery. She discusses the importance of being in treatment at MARR and developing peer relationships with women, finding worth outside of a relationship to a man, and the significant impact of family week. Purchase your tickets to this year’s MARR Banquet here:

Om Podcasten

Gripping, raw, and honest firsthand accounts of the desperation of alcoholism, drug addiction, and codependency, along with the moving recollections of the hope, connection, and peace found through the miracle of 12 Step Recovery. Produced by MARR Addiction Treatment Centers, a non-profit treatment facility founded in 1975 in Atlanta, GA.