The Pastor Addicted to Pills, Booze, and Applause

Stories of Recovery | Alcoholism, Addiction & 12 Step Spirituality - Un pódcast de MARR Addiction Treatment Centers

After college, Gil spent a short time as a police officer who was addicted to drugs but was also arresting people for drugs. He thought that if he became a pastor like his father, he could maybe clean up his act. But the drugs, alcohol, and need for approval followed him into the pulpit as well, and he found himself increasingly dependent on his addictions to carry out his duties. Despite having a Ph.D. in theology, it wasn’t until he got to treatment at MARR and started working at The Waffle House that he finally encountered the God he’d been seeking for so long. 0:01 Introduction 1:20 Beginning of drinking and drug use 2:46 Becoming a police officer 5:51 Deciding to become a pastor 9:06 Getting back into drugs 11:06 Addicted to people 16:14 Intervention 20:00 Getting to MARR 29:00 Finally hitting bottom 35:22 A spiritual experience at The Waffle House 38:16 Moving into the Salvation Army 44:06 Getting back into the ministry

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