Recovery Basics for Family Members

Kaitlin Byrne is the Lead Family Counselor at our Men’s Recovery Center. Her job is to work specifically with the family members of our clients to help them recognize how they’ve been affected by their loved one’s addiction and begin the healing process. In this conversation with host Matt Shedd, Kaitlin explains what makes addiction a family disease and also goes over the basics of family recovery. She also shares about a new group that she’s started at MARR, open to the general public, for family members that are interested in beginning their own recovery journey. For more information on Kaitlin’s group or if  you’re interested in participating in it, you can reach out to her directly at 678-805-5145.  0:01 – Intro 0:56 – What Kaitlin does as a family therapist at MARR 4:50 – The family has its own recovery journey 8:45 – Importance of family members of making connections 12:05 – Common symptoms of the family disease 15:50 – New group on the basics of family recovery 21:19 – Unique benefits of group interactions 24:05 – Who the group is open to 26:35 – The challenges of a loved one returning from treatment

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