Making Meth for the Hell's Angels

Penelope’s drinking and drug use began in high school and ramped in her young adulthood. During the 1960s, she traveled around and participated in events like Woodstock and became addicted to heroin in the process. She ended up in prison for a year at the age of 21. Upon getting out, she joined a company as a dancer and taught at a college while also making crystal meth for the Hell’s Angels on the side. After a nightmare detox experience in a psych ward, and with the help of her brother, a MARR alumnus, Penelope made it from San Francisco to admit to MARR’s women’s program, now called Traditions Recovery Center. Being new to the South, she felt like a fish out of water, but she hung in and found recovery and made lifelong friendships. Penelope discusses the principles she learned in early recovery, which she still uses to this day 20 years later. She also shares how she learned to accept and share love from people she thought she had nothing in common with. 0:01 Intro 1:33 History of addiction 4:50 Starting on crystal meth 6:30 Calling 9-1-1 for help 8:55 Getting to MARR 10:55 Acknowledging she had a drug problem 14:00 Lifelong friendships she made at MARR 15:12 Being a woman in recovery 19:03 Dealing with conflict 20:08 Getting help for mental health issues 24:19 What MARR provided for her that helped her recovery 29:00 What she would pass on to others

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Gripping, raw, and honest firsthand accounts of the desperation of alcoholism, drug addiction, and codependency, along with the moving recollections of the hope, connection, and peace found through the miracle of 12 Step Recovery. Produced by MARR Addiction Treatment Centers, a non-profit treatment facility founded in 1975 in Atlanta, GA.