From Freebasing Cocaine to Becoming a Judge

How did Jule go from freebasing cocaine and trying to sell a stolen car to an undercover cop to eventually becoming a judge and being licensed to practice law before the supreme court? What happened during his time at MARR to set him up for that complete transformation?  The answer: He learned how to be honest about his feelings. How did he feel safe enough to risk doing that? He felt loved and supported by the counseling staff.  Like a lot of people in early recovery, if Jule could smell some kind of trick, manipulation, or hidden agenda, he got out of the situation as soon as he could. But here at MARR, he felt loved and he was willing to stick around. ”Love is the only thing that doesn’t smell bad.”  Jule recalls his experiences coming into MARR in 1986. In his encounters with counselors Doug Brush, Donnie Brown, and Boyd Waley, all he felt was that he was loved and genuinely cared for, especially when they cared enough to tell him things he didn’t want to hear.

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Gripping, raw, and honest firsthand accounts of the desperation of alcoholism, drug addiction, and codependency, along with the moving recollections of the hope, connection, and peace found through the miracle of 12 Step Recovery. Produced by MARR Addiction Treatment Centers, a non-profit treatment facility founded in 1975 in Atlanta, GA.