Safety Moment - The Trap of Complacency

PreAccident Investigation Podcast - Un pódcast de Todd Conklin

In this thought-provoking episode, Todd Conklin investigates the seldom-discussed downside of success - complacency. With his signature blend of insight and practicality, Todd challenges the prevalent notion of complacency as a choice, arguing that it is, instead, a function of system stability.Many organizations, he observes, see complacency as a behavioral fault to be stamped out. Yet, he contends, this understanding is flawed and counterproductive. Instead of regarding complacency as worker failure or sin, Todd urges us to see it for what it truly is - a byproduct of a stable system where nothing bad seems to be happening.The real challenge and solution, Todd suggests, lies in managing complacency through variability. He propounds that recognizing complacency as an inherent part of a steadily functioning system enables us to counter it more effectively. And the task is not as daunting as it appears because our systems, by nature, are attuned to such variability.In the end, Todd leaves us with a compelling message for the day: Keep learning, have fun, be good and kind to one another - and most importantly, stay safe.

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