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PreAccident Investigation Podcast - Un pódcast de Todd Conklin

In this informative episode from Pre-Accident Investigation Safety Moment, Todd Conklin presents an invigorating discussion on the contrasting concepts of recovery and restoration in the realm of safety management. While at first glance, these terms may seem interchangeable, Conklin explains that they imbibe very different meanings.Recovery, as Conklin describes, is about bringing a system back to its original state post disruption. On the other hand, restoration brings in an evolved perspective. It goes beyond mere recovery by probing deeper into three significant queries - identifying what or who has been harmed, determining what needs to be done for improvement, and assigning accountability for ensuring necessary actions.According to Conklin, the true efficacy of restoration surfaces during challenging times such as the last four years of continuous change and uncertainty. It has been observed that organizations employing a restorative approach have bounced forward rather than simply bouncing back, arriving at a configuration that is distinct, better suited to the changing environment, and in many ways, superior.Encouraging listeners to mull over these ideas, Conklin concludes his insightful session with a safety moment. In line with his belief in continuous learning and fostering goodness and safety, this episode provides an enlightening perspective on the multifaceted nature of safety management.

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