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Echos de Politically Speaking: Scotland’s flagship political podcast | Publicado 4/8/2021

Join Mandy Rhodes, editor of Holyrood Magazine, as she brings you insightful interviews with political players and key figures relevant to the latest goings on in the world of Scottish Politics. With the emergence of a new pro independence party led by the former first minister and ex SNP leader, Alex Salmond, is the election about to get more about the personal than the politics? In this edition of Politically Speaking, Holyrood journalists, Chris Marshall and Andrew Learmonth review the week in politics and Mandy Rhodes interviews Professor James Mitchell about what the Alba Party means for the election and for Nicola Sturgeon. Remember to Follow and Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. You can follow our hosts, Mandy on Twitter, and you can keep up to date with the latest news from Holyrood online at Holyrood.com, or on our Twitter @HolyroodDaily. Lastly, remember to read the last issue of Holyrood Magazine online here. This show was hosted by Mandy Rhodes and produced by Steven Perrie-Clyde, with artwork designed by Aimee Wachtel. This show is brought to you by Holyrood Magazine, ©Holyrood Communications 2021. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/holyrood/message

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Welcome to Politically Speaking, Scotland’s flagship political podcast brought to you from the editorial team of the award-winning Holyrood magazine. Whether you are more interested in what politicians do to relax than what they actually do in the parliament, this is the podcast where you will get the full skinny on politics, policy, and pure nonsense. ©Holyrood Communications