Michael Cohen RETURNS from BIG District Attorney Meeting - Episode 5

On the heels of Michael Cohen's 16th appearance at the Manhattan DA's office, Michael Cohen and Ben Meiselas discuss and dissect the latest breaking news on episode 5 of POLITICAL BEATDOWN: INDICTMENT WATCH. Remember to subscribe to ALL the Meidas Media Podcasts: MeidasTouch: https://pod.link/1510240831 Legal AF: https://pod.link/1580828595 The PoliticsGirl Podcast: https://pod.link/1595408601 The Influence Continuum: https://pod.link/1603773245 Kremlin File: https://pod.link/1575837599 Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: https://pod.link/1530639447 The Weekend Show: https://pod.link/1612691018 The Tony Michaels Podcast: https://pod.link/1561049560 American Psyop: https://pod.link/1652143101 Majority 54: https://pod.link/1309354521 Political Beatdown: https://pod.link/1669634407 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Michael Cohen and Ben Meiselas discuss the latest legal developments surrounding the prosecution of Donald Trump and more.