Martin Willis & Marc D'Antonio

EVERYTHING ELSE SHOW: Martin & Marc discuss what it is like to have life-threatening heart issues, to be saved by modern medicine as well as what it is like to undergo lifesaving surgery with an intense recovery. Amazingly, Marc discusses how he seemingly healed himself through retraining neural pathways.Notes from Martin: I was contacted by a YouTube listener of my show, she thought I may have coronary issues because she saw 45° creases in my earlobes and told me to look up Frank's Sign ( which I did. I went to my doctor, he did a check and could not find anything, but we know the rest of the story.It is difficult to outrun genetics, but I could have possibly avoided coronary artery disease by diet and more exercise. A low sodium diet ( extremely beneficial, also staying away of high cholesterol foods ( and keeping your "bad" cholesterol in check.

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