For the Love of Chicken Tendies (GOF Chapter 16, The Goblet of Fire)

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Arriving with the foreign visitors to Hogwarts is a whole new set of cuisine options in the Great Hall, and - like some of the MuggleCast hosts - Ron is having none of it! Fred and George attempt to hoodwink a 700-year-old cup and a 150-year-old headmaster, failing spectacularly. And the trio learn that Hagrid has a crush! Join us as we deep dive into Chaper 16 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, "Goblet of Fire"! Welcome to our very special musical guest James Durbin, whose new single "Hallows" excites us in all the right ways! Also check out his website and follow him on Instagram Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 16: The Goblet of Fire 7-Word Summary: Poliakoff wants eternal wine because Krum’s better Mini Discussion #1: Cultural differences at Hogwarts While Ron turns his nose up at French cuisine, the hosts discuss which foreign foods they most enjoy since growing up. The Beauxbatons students are laughed at for standin when Madame Maxime does. But isn't it just showing respect and discipline? Mini Discussion #2: Karkaroff and his favoritism What exactly is headmaster Igor's game? Is he gunning for a career in the celebrity entourage industry? Why bring 19 other students to Hogwarts when it is so clear that Karkaroff detests the other kids? What is Karkaroff really thinking when he bumps into Harry Potter? Mini Discussion #3: Fred and George's whimsy Mini Discussion #4: Hagrid and His Crush Odds and Ends: Despite Ron feeling cheated by Harry later, Harry never says out loud that he would love to enter the Tournament. Quizzitch: What was the birthday present that Mad-Eye Moody received and smashed, thinking it was a basilisk egg? Visit for episode transcripts, social media links, our full episode archive, our favorite episodes, and to contact us! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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