Girls Night #193: How to Decide if it’s Time to Move & How to Make a New City Feel like Home — with Mariko Clark

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Hey friends! Welcome to Girls’ Night! I’m so excited about today’s episode because my very dear friend, and Girls Night Favorite, Mariko Clark, is back on the show! (I call her Marri, but we’ll talk about that in the episode!) Today we’re talking about how to make a new city feel like home!  Marri has made a few big moves in the past handful of years, so she knows all about the process and what goes into making a decision like this! And she knows how hard of a transition it can be. So today we’re talking about how to make a new city feel like home. We’re talking about everything from finding your closest grocery store, to how to stop feeling like the awkward middle schooler all over again, to how to make true, lasting friendships in your new city. Marri is an absolute treasure. I’m so happy you get to hear from her today.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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