Girls Night #192: Renovations and Real Estate: A getting-started guide from an HGTV expert — with Mina Starsiak Hawk

Hey friends! Welcome to Girls’ Night! I’m so excited about today’s episode. Today we’re talking about renovations and real estate and how to get started renovating your house without totally destroying it in the process! I’m excited about this episode because over the past several years I’ve fallen in love with all things interior design! While I’m not perfect at it, I’ve gotten way better, and I absolutely love thinking through a space and making it feel functional and homey. I’ve also watched a crazy amount of HGTV! So it only seems fitting that I invited someone from my favorite TV Network to walk us through this!  Our guest for today’s episode is Mina Starsiak Hawk. Mina is a mom, a wife, a podcaster, and the owner of Two Chicks and a Hammer. While she has been renovating homes in Indy since 2008, it wasn't until 2014 when she was approached to do it for TV! Now rolling into season 8 of HGTVs Good Bones while running her brick and mortar store, Two Chicks District Co, she keeps plenty busy!  In this episode, Mina shares really practical tips on where to get started when renovating our houses – what to DIY and what to leave to a professional! She also tells about her real estate journey and where to begin if we want to get into that ourselves!  Plus, she’s just so fun. I cannot WAIT for you to meet her.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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