Girls Night #190: How to get on the same page about holiday celebrations with your spouse

Hey friends! Welcome to Girls’ Night! Friends, welcome to Season 17 of The Girls Night Podcast! I’m super excited to be back! We have some really amazing guests lined up and I cannot wait to introduce you to them! But today’s guest really doesn’t need an introduction, because y’all already know him! Today, my sweet and amazing husband, Carl Wilson, is joining me back on the show!  I’m really excited about today’s conversation! Today we’re talking about how to plan holiday celebrations with your spouse and talk through expectations! You’re going to hear the story of our first Valentine’s Day together and the story of our first wedding anniversary – and how we learned very quickly that talking through your expectations is a must for a healthy and happy marriage! Here are few more things we talk about in the episode: How to plan for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Birthdays and get on the same page about gifts and what you’re going to do to celebrate How to split up time between families during holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas and think about what traditions you want to create together We also talk about our new course The Marriage Starter Kit and why it might be helpful for you as you navigate your first few years of marriage If you’ve ever felt disappointed after a holiday because things didn’t play out the way you hoped they would, this conversation is for you!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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