Girls Night #186: Can You Still Have Big Dreams And Have Kids? — with Lindsey Roman

Hey friends! Welcome to Girls’ Night! I’m so excited about today’s episode. Backing up a little bit… Before Carl and I had kids, one of the most common things people would say to us is, “Travel now before you have kids, because once you have them, you won’t be able to!”  The first time I heard that, I sort of brushed it off. Travel was (and IS!) such a huge, important part of my life, surely that wasn’t true. Right?  But eventually, I’d heard that same phrase enough times from enough different people that I started to get scared. Did I have to turn in my Passport the day I became a mom? It felt like the answer was yes! And what would becoming a mom mean for the other dreams I had for my life? Would I have to give those up too? Friends — I wrestled with this question for YEARS. No joke, YEARS.  In so many ways, I felt like I had to choose between being myself and being a mom. It was NOT an easy decision to make. Finally, I learned that this isn’t actually true — you CAN still be yourself and pursue your dreams and YES, even travel, after you have kids. And the way I found this out was through the example of other women who were going before me.  That’s why I’m so excited to share this episode with you. Our guest for today’s episode is my new friend, Lindsey Roman. Lindsey is an educator, speaker, photographer, wife and a mom of two, with one more on the way! And she actually had a LOT of the same fears about motherhood that I did. We talk about all of that in this episode. And we also talk about how we both got through those fears.  As we recorded this episode, Lindsey was actually in Spain with her family, and we spend a ton of time talking about how to travel with your family and what that’s looked like for her.  This was such a fun conversation, but it’s also one that would have brought me SO MUCH peace and encouragement if I’d been able to hear it a few years ago, and so if any of y’all are wrestling with the same things I was, I hope it does exactly that for you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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