Girls Night #180: Your story isn’t over: How to find hope and healing after a hard season — with Toni Collier

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Our guest for today’s episode is my new friend, Toni Collier.  Toni is a Hope Coach, author of Brave Enough to Be Broken and the founder of Broken Crayons Still Color, an international women’s ministry that helps women process their brokenness and reclaim hope. After a lifetime of childhood trauma, navigating a toxic marriage and divorce, an unhealthy church, becoming a single parent and feeling betrayed, Toni has learned how to find hope and healing in the midst of her pain. And that’s what she’s sharing with us today!  Here are just a few of the things she’s going to teach us in this episode:  How to rebuild your life after experiencing brokenness and pain How to release ourselves from the pressure of perfectionism How God can restore our hope and use our past experiences for good Why therapy has played a vital role in her healing journey  And how the practice of gratitude can change your life Friend, if you’re in a hard season right now, or you’re looking back at your past and wondering how any good can come from it, this episode is for you. I’m praying you walk away feeling so encouraged. Your story is NOT over! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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