GIAC Certifications: Trust Me I'm Certified

Better job hunting with a hacker mentality with Jason and Jacquelyn Blanchard

Echos de GIAC Certifications: Trust Me I'm Certified | Publicado 9/15/2020

Jason and Jacquelyn Blanchard complement each other not only as husband and wife, but through the combination of their unique skill sets. They bring together their talents - Jason as a marketer, and Jacque as an infosec professional - in a twice-weekly livestream to help the community find jobs, an especially important mission in today's market. In this episode, they talk with host Jason Nickola about the steps you need to take to find the right job, the importance of courage and pushing through imposter syndrome, and how to continually maintain your resume and network whether you're job hunting or not.

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Overcoming impostor syndrome - Practical tips for combating feelings of not belonging in the cyber workplace provided by distinguished guests within the cyber security field