Exit Point #11 - Tim Howell

Tim Howell is a BASE jumper, climber, alpinist, and former Royal Marine. He is one of the most active jumpers on the planet in a variety of disciplines and is also an instructor.  We discuss expedition mindset/recognizance, ski BASE, proposing to his wife and her subsequent crash, social media positives and negatives, teaching new jumpers, and a wide variety of other topics.     https://timhowelladventure.com/ https://www.instagram.com/tim_howell_adventure/ https://www.facebook.com/TimHowellADVENTURE/  

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Welcome to Exit Point - A podcast about the advancement of BASE jumping and the exploration of its culture. Whether you‘re curious about getting into BASE, passionate about mountain sports, want to learn how top adventure athletes approach risk assessment or are even a 2000 jump expert, you‘re sure to pick up tidbits of actionable advice on best practices or gain new perspectives when you listen to Exit Point. Laurent Frat and Matt Blank draw on their experience and network of professional jumpers to gain a deeper understanding of all things BASE.