Exit Point #17 - Matt Gerdes

In 2012 Matt founded Squirrel, a company that manufacturers wingsuits, parachutes, and BASE jumping equipment. Among many other articles and publications Matt wrote the Great Book of BASE which is arguably the most comprehensive piece of writing on the sport. We talk to Matt about his early days in BASE, how he has seen the sport develop, and his process as a test pilot.  We dive into what motivates him to improve BASE jumping educational material and develop new technology in BASE.  Matt's links: www.squirrel.wshttps://base-book.com/  

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Welcome to Exit Point - the podcast about BASE jumping, wingsuiting, and all the ups and downs that come with it. Whether you‘re curious about getting into BASE, passionate about mountain sports, want to learn how top adventure athletes approach risk assessment or are even a 2000 jump expert, you‘re sure to pick up tidbits of actionable advice on best practices or gain new perspectives when you listen to Exit Point. Laurent Frat and Matt Blank draw on their experience and network of professional jumpers to gain a deeper understanding of all things BASE.