Dial In with Jonny Ardavanis

Jonah 2: Belly Prayer

Echos de Dial In with Jonny Ardavanis | Publicado 6/23/2022

Dial In with Jonny Ardavanis starts a new short-series teaching through the book of Jonah. In this second episode in Jonny Ardavanis' series on Jonah. We look to the prayer of Jonah that takes place within the belly of the great fish. In this second chapter of Jonah, we will explore 5 signs of surrender in response to the sovereignty of God. 1. Jonah is humbled under the hand of God. 2. Jonah hungers for God’s Word 3. Jonah thirsts for God’s presence 4. Jonah recommits to faithfulness 5. Jonah has a renewed understanding of grace. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGB5fYWHTNemqp9aZC232eg (Watch Videos) https://www.jonnyardavanis.com (Visit the Website ) https://www.instagram.com/dialinpodcast/ (Follow on Instagram) https://twitter.com/Jonnyardavanis (Follow on Twitter)

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God's word has changed my life and my passion is that people would understand and obey it. The truth of Scripture has the ability to "renew our minds," "give us joy," and "transform us into the image of Christ." In this series I will be walking sequentially through the Gospel of John with the goal of highlighting the context, themes and applications from the text. In doing so, the hope is that we would "believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God" and love Him more. Follow along each weekday!