Day Old Discussions

EPISODE ONE: Horses, Doves, & Dogs

Echos de Day Old Discussions | Publicado 4/21/2017

Welcome to Day Old Discussions, Episode 1! A podcast where 4 friends tackle the tough questions you might have about HBO's The Leftovers; "Whats up with Norah?" and "How good did Kevin look on that horse?". We don't claim to be scholars, but instead be an extension of the same conversations your having with your own friends... Join us for Episode 1, as we make it rain like Gucci Mane.

Om Podcasten

A podcast on HBO's The Leftovers. 4 friends dive into the episode every week giving unique perspective and thoughts. We don't pretend to be scholarly, but rather provide a forum to reflect on the the show we all love! Grab a beer, lay back, and join the conversation with us! -Day Old Discussions