Andrea Wulf: Humboldt, the forgotten father of environmentalism

Andrea Wulf is a historian and writer. She was born in New Delhi, India, before relocating to Germany as a child. She completed her studies in History of Design and teaches this subject at The Royal College of Art in London. Wulf also lectures at institutions such as the Royal Society of London, the Royal Geographical Society, the American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia and the New York Public Library. As a writer, she has published The Invention of Nature, a biography of Alexander von Humdoldt to great international acclaim, the comic book Alexander von Humboldt's Incredible Journey to the Heart of Nature, and In Search of Venus, which deals with astronomy. She is about to publish Magnificent Rebels, about a group of young rebels (poets, novelists, philosophers) who, through their epic fights, passionate love stories, heartbreaking pain and radical ideas, launched romanticism onto the world stage, inspiring some of the greatest thinkers of the time.

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