Episode 70: The Blood Vessels of the Arm (Updated Rebroadcast of Episode 37)

Anatomy On The Go - Un pódcast de Seth Jump


Today, you might use your arms for hundreds of different things, including your standard everyday activities and exercise-based movements. Every second, your heart sends blood into blood vessels that take blood to the muscles of your shoulder, arm, forearm, and hand, as well as to your brain, so you know what you’re doing and have your wits about you. Join me today, and you will learn what these blood vessels are called and how to keep ‘em straight.To learn more about Amino Co and get 30% off with the discount code ANATOMY, go to aminoco.com/ANATOMYThis is an updated rebroadcast of episode 37. To get all the episodes of the podcast, go to https://anatomyonthego.supercast.com/Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/anatomy-on-the-go/donations

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